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Fine Artist Tools. 


  • Acrylics feel thick with color.
  • Airbrushes feather their spray the further they are from the page.
  • A variety of blenders range from dry dust to wet to semi dry smudging.
  • Chalk and charcoal are...well...chalky
  • Oil pastels mix and smear
  • Soft pastels cover the page with texture and feel nice and dusty.
  • Oils paints with individual brush hairs that blend into the wet paint on the canvas.
  • The list goes on with, pencils, pens, crayons, felt markers and a collection of unusual tools.

Easy to use


  • Your work is saved automatically when you turn the page or change books.
  • User interface designed with natural usage progression.
  • Preset system makes working on a piece streamlined.



  • Sketching should be a fun and creative activity. TwistedBrush puts the fun back in using electronic art programs.

System Requirements


  • Windows 95/98/me/2000/NT/XP
  • 10mb disk space
  • 256mb ram
  • 16, 24, or 32 display mode.  Will not run in 256 color modes

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Revision History


Additional image formats, more brushes

  • Added - Essentials ArtSet.  A set of 60 basic drawing tools in one art set.
  • Added - Read additional file types - EMF, GIF, PCX, PCD,  PSD, WBMP and WMF
  • Added - Write additional file types - EMF, GIF, PCX, PSD, TGA, TIF and WMF
  • Added - Icons for artset brushes for scripts, cloners, blenders, erasers and stampers.
  • Added - Two new types for the gradient tools to allow gradients of transparency.
  • Enhanced - Dynamically adjust color for artset brush icons that don't store their own color but use the current color
  • Enhanced - Added brush effects reference section to help documentation.
  • Improved - Preserve artset brush name and settings when creating a new brush preset.


Layer Drawing Error

  • Fixed - Drawing on layers was too faint - not picking up enough of the painting color.


Layer additions and fixes

  • Added - Move tool (assignable to the right mouse button) to freely move layers around
  • Added - Tool bar for tools that are assignable to the right mouse button.  (replaces the tool combo box)
  • Added - Alpha Invert command (under layer menu)
  • Added - Layer blending mode - Texturize
  • Added - Layer blending mode - Alpha Filter
  • Added - Layer blending mode - Alpha Black Outline
  • Added - Layer blending mode - Alpha Overlay Outline
  • Added - Layer blending mode - Alpha Highlight
  • Fixed - Blending transparent areas of a layer was incorrectly handled
  • Fixed - Filters with previews were not working properly on layers if the layer was not yet edited.
  • Fixed - Layers not removed with resetting page to default size.  Could crash if unremoved layer is selected.
  • Fixed - If "Cancel" is select in response to the Create Layer prompt the layer options dialog still appeared.
  • Fixed - Clear Page command was not making layers transparent - it should.
  • Fixed - Changes in the Layer Options dialog were not being saved if exiting without any other edits.
  • Fixed - Layer menu to moving layer up and down in the stack was incorrectly assigned.
  • Fixed - Flatten layers should make the background visible after the operation
  • Fixed - Ellipse tool had red and blue colors switched.



  • Added - Layers!!! 
  • Added - Internal program logging
  • Added - Menu item File | New to create to reset the current page to a new image.  Previously relied on clearing the paper to do this.
  • Added - Paste Into functionality.  To paste into an existing layer rather than replace the entire image.
  • Added - Brush effect - Erase Mode.  Allow for proper erasing on layers
  • Added - Create mask from alpha.  In the mask menu.
  • Improved - Performance of some image filters by eliminating an extra image copy.
  • Improved - Rate of update to the canvas when drawing to give more feedback.
  • Changed - Allow for auto-preview on the offset filter.
  • Changed - Graphite, Color pencil and pastel art sets changed to have "real" erasers.
  • Fixed - If exiting the application when minimized, when restarting it would appear to not start properly.
  • Fixed - Some Filters were mapped to page menus.


Art Cloner Brushes

  • Added - Brush effect - Once.  Run the next brush effect once. 
  • Added - Art Cloner Brushes 1 artset.  60 cloner brushes.


Important fix for a crash case

  • Added - Brush effect - Skip.  Skip the next brush effect on an interval.
  • Fixed - Crash after 50000 dabs applied with pressure.  Pressure stack was not being reset.
  • Fixed - Don't allow Scripts or Scripts (User) brush category for random brushes.


New brush set

  • Added - Complex Brush Set 1 - 60 new brushes!


Performance Improvements.

  • Added - Brush effect - Lineto (draws a line from dab to dab)
  • Improved - Drawn line smoothness.
  • Improved - Drawing performance. 
  • Fixed - Brush effects Scatter2, Jitter2, Dropout, Dropout2, Dropout3 and Scrumble not working correctly when used in combination with the filter brush effect.


Important fixes, new ArtSet and beginning stages of help

  • Added - Two Tone Sketching ArtSet.
  • Added - Start of the electronic help.
  • Fixed - The Distort Filters were broken in release 4.6 and accidentally assigned to the Page series of menu commands.
  • Fixed - Popup text "toogle" should be "Toggle".
  • Fixed - Crash case with mouse/stylus input buffer becoming empty.
  • Fixed - When updating a preset (right click on present while holding shift) preserve the color only and brush only flags.


Copy and paste for grid cells and some fixes.

  • Added - Copy Grid Cell tool to copy to clipboard a part of the image.
  • Added - Paste Grid Cell tool to paste from clipboard into a part of the image.
  • Added - Link to the ArtSet brush catalog online.  A swatch for each brush included with TwistedBrush.
  • Added - Menu Page | Resize to Previous Page Size.  Sets current page to that of the previous page size in the book.
  • Improved - Some areas for robustness to recover more gracefully from errors.
  • Fixed - Crash on script playback if paper is smaller than size used when recorded and flood fill or mask wand is used.
  • Fixed - Page was been flagged as changed when a Copy was done.  This is unneeded.
  • Fixed - Rare memory leak on the clipboard copy function.


Mask improvements and other minor fixes.

  • Added - Save program environment when autosaving.
  • Added - Preferences option (found under Edit menu)
  • Added - Preference for auto save frequency
  • Added - Unmask Grid Cell tool.  Assignable to the right mouse button.
  • Enhanced - The Clear brush effect now honors the mask.
  • Changed - The default autosave frequency to once every 120 seconds.
  • Fixed - Masks were not properly masking out all drawing and masking out some when they shouldn't (very small amounts).
  • Fixed - Mask tools - mask ellispe, mask rectangle and mask wand were saving undo info. they should not.
  • Fixed - Script recording of the Control Points tools was broken


Custom Palettes

  • Added - Custom color palette support.  When adding a preset uncheck the "Save Brush Information" check box.
  • Added - Added to the Auto ArtSet feature the ability to save only the new color (used for creating color palettes)
  • Added - Allow use of mouse wheel to zoom in and zoom out.
  • Added - A Script (User) brush category for user created script brushes.
  • Fixed - Color picker tool selecting wrong color when in 16 bits per pixel (bpp) mode.
  • Fixed - Handful of fixes to the SpaceScape ArtSet.


Script Brush Presets, SpaceScape ArtSet and numerous fixes.

  • Added - SpaceScape ArtSet - 60 brushes for building space scenes.
  • Added - Tight integration of script brushes with the standard brush selection and preset system. (Very Cool!)
  • Added - Brush Effect - Mask Paint. Allows creating a mask and painting at the same time.
  • Added - Brush Effect - Size Abs, Density Abs and Opacity Abs (set absolute values for these)
  • Added - Brush Effect - Gate and Draw gate.  These limit the maximum number of dabs drawn in a stroke.
  • Added - Effect Swapping menus and hot keys, Under the Effect menu.  An aid for building custom preset brushes.
  • Added - Brush Effect - Adv stroke - Advance the stroke dab count so that filter envelopes that use that can change within a dab.
  • Added - Brush Effect - Multi 1000 - For other effect "Multipler" has a range or 1 - 10 this have a range of 1 - 1000.
  • Improved - The Masking artset has been improved with new masking brushes.
  • Fixed - The "i" prefixed brush effect filters (iwave, isav, isprd, etc) were not working with mask brushes.
  • Fixed - All Size, Density and Opacity brush effects were not restoring the previous values after they completed.
  • Fixed - Incorrect text in a menu and alert prompt.
  • Fixed - When drawing the control points the guide lines did not have the correct colors to allow viewing in all cases.
  • Fixed - Made the Spike brush effect properly round rather than square.
  • Fixed - Script playback was broken in release 4.2 and would playback at the incorrect canvas location.
  • Fixed - Script playback of single dab stroke did not work.


Script Brush and Inverted feathered brushes.

  • Added - Script Brush - powerful new feature to repeat a script relative to mouse click. Assignable to right mouse button.
  • Added - Base brushes - Cover : Coverage Feather 10 - 100 Invert  
  • Added - Brush Effect - Color Surface (gets color from current drawing surface)
  • Added - Brush Effect - Color UnderLayer (gets color from current screen but not from the current stroke
  • Added - Brush Effect - Color History (gets color from previous screen, like if you hit undo)
  • Added - Brush Effect - Color Trace (pulls color from previous page.  Trace mode must be on for this effect to work)


More brush effects and some bug fixes

  • Added - Brush Effect - Blend UnderLayer (pulls color from current screen but not from the current stroke)
  • Added - Brush Effect - Blend History (pulls color from previous screen, like if you hit undo)
  • Added - Brush Effect - Blend Trace (pulls color from previous page.  Trace mode must be on for this effect to work)
  • Added - Tool for setting control points - Assignable to right mouse button.  Used for some brush effects and brush filters
  • Added - Brush Effect Filter - cspdx and cspdy.  Spreads the amount based on the x and y position respective in ralationship to the current control points
  • Fixed - Undo not enabled after a page is saved, included auto-saving!
  • Fixed - Line spacing on newly added effects incorrect. Effects Spikes, Tangle and Symbols, X, Crosshair, box, triangle and diamond


120 New Brushes, New Effects and Brush Selection improvements

  • Added - Brush Werks Art Set - A collection of 60 cool natural brushes
  • Added - Cover Collection Art Set - 60 brushes many geared towards creating background covers
  • Added - Select preset dialog.  
  • Added - Brush Effect - Color1to4 and Color1to1 (for doing color ranges)
  • Added - Brush Effect - Scatter Page
  • Added - Brush Effect Filter - isprd2 - Interdab spread 2 (reverse from larger to smaller)
  • Added - Brush Effect - Spike (draws lines from dab center)
  • Added - Brush Effect - Tangle (draws random lines near dab center creating a tangled mess)
  • Added - Brush Effect - Symbols, X, Crosshair, box, triangle and diamond.
  • Improved - Brush Effect system performance further improved
  • Improved - General improvements to the infrastructure of the blend mode brush effects.
  • Fixed - Improper handling of interdab adjustments to density, alpha and size.
  • Fixed - Dynamic sized brushes not properly centered and could be cropped incorrectly.


Mask Improvements, Magic Wand

  • Added - Mask Ellipse (selectable to the right mouse button)
  • Added - Mask Wand (Magic Wand) (selectable to the right mouse button)
  • Improved - Automatically enable the mask when the Mask Rectangle or Mask Ellipse tools are used
  • Fixed - Slow memory deallocation problem.
  • Fixed - A number of small rounding errors that effected maximum values on a number of filters.
  • Fixed - When selecting an ArtSet brush and moving the cursor with the button down control updates didn't occur.
  • Fixed - When selecting an ArtSet brush without color information at the the color banks would also get changed.


Minor additions and important bug fix

  • Added - Mask Rectangle (selectable to the right mouse button)
  • Added - Brush Effect Envelope - d-rnd (dab random) a single random value for the duration of a dab
  • Added - Brush Effect Envelope - s-rnd (stroke random) a single random value for the duration of the stroke (pen down to pen up)
  • Fixed - Brush Effects - All the "Bld x" effects were inadvertently broken in release 3.6.


Bug Fixes plus a Few Additions

  • Added - Cool and Crazy Art Set
  • Added - Brush Effect Envelope - B-ang (Brush Angle).  Works well with the Spin brush effect for a raking effect.
  • Added - Menu shortcuts for the Mask menu
  • Improved - When pasting resize the page to match that of the image being pasted.
  • Changed - Removed status bar at bottom of main window.  It is not used.
  • Fixed - Crash case on start up if splash logo can't be loaded.
  • Fixed - Crash case is image for tool bar can't be loaded.
  • Fixed - The hold brush menu text showed the wrong short key as C is should be H
  • Fixed - ipulse effect envelope was not calculated properly
  • Fixed - Copy, Cut and Paste not working properly on older Windows OSes
  • Fixed - Conflict of Page menu shortcut for the Next Page and Previous Page menus
  • Fixed - Brush Effect -  Filter - resulting in incorrect behavior in other effects that could the number of dabs in a stroke. 


Various Enhancements

  • Added - Crop feature (selectable to the right mouse button)
  • Added - Added "Insert Random Line" script command.  Records a random line using the current brush.
  • Added - Base brush types Sketched Small and Sketched Medium - under the Artists brush category
  • Added - Brush Effect Envelopes - Page spread X (pspdx) and Page spread Y (pspdy)
  • Added - Brush Effect - Blend Capture
  • Added - Brush Effects - Burst 25, Burst 50, and Burst 100. (combination of spray and radial)
  • Added - Script menu command "Insert Random Dabs".  
  • Added - Kaleidoscope Script - Just for fun!
  • Added - Starfield Script - A randomly generate starfield.
  • Improved - Performance improvement for brushes with complex effects - large number of dabs and effects.
  • Improved - Record the current random brush generation locks when recording a random brush into a script.
  • Improved - Automatic selection of randomly generated brushes.
  • Fixed - Two different cases where dynamics sized brushes could result in a crash.
  • Fixed - Brush effects Jitter2 and Scatter2 were not randomizing properly and start of the stroke.


A Lot of New Brushes

  • Added - Auto save feature at 5 minute intervals.
  • Added - Descriptions to ArtSets.  
  • Added - Brush Effects - Scrumble 1, Scrumble 2 and Scrumble 3
  • Added - Brush Effect Envelope - isprd (inner dab spread).  Spread the envelope over each effect dab.
  • Added - ArtSet optimizer.  From the ArtSet menu.  Shifts all brush effects to the top for better performance.
  • Added - Pastel Art Set
  • Added - Jan Kirklands Landscape ArtSet
  • Added - Tubey Twisty Color Brushes ArtSet
  • Fixed - Terminate script play back if end of file encountered sooner than expected.
  • Fixed - Prevent a case where a crash could occur when drawing off the page with some brush effects.
  •  Fixed - Error exit case when loading an artset after importing an image from a different directory.
  • Fixed - DropOut effect envelopes, where behavior was different after first stroke
  • Fixed - Brushes with dynammic sizes were drawn incorrect at the top and left edges of the page.


New Name TwistedBrush!

  • Added - Gradient Tool both linear and radial (selectable to the right mouse button)
  • Added - Rectangle Tool (selectable to the right mouse button)
  • Added - Ellipse Tool (selectable to the right mouse button)
  • Added - Remember previous position and size of the main application window when starting.
  • Added - Quick system to load ArtSets, using the "Load" button on the ArtSet panel
  • Added - Random Brush Explorer.  Allows locking various attributes from change. Under the Countrol menu.
  • Added - ArtSet presets now have the option for not saving color information
  • Added - Brush Effect - Spin (advanced feature but nice addition)
  • Added - Brush Effects - Matrix6, Matrix7, Matrix8, Matrix9 and Matrix10
  • Added - Brush Effects - Row10, Row15, Row20 and Row30
  • Added - Brush Effects - Column10, Column15, Column20 and Column30
  • Added - Brush Effects - Density Adj and Opacity Adj
  • Added - Brush Effects - Hue Rnd, Saturation Rnd and Value Rnd
  • Added - Brush Effects - Dropout and Dropout2
  • Added - Brush Effects - Jitter2 and Scatter2 (these do not use intrisic randomizer, but relies on the effect envelope)
  • Added - Brush Effects Envelopes - Fade in (f-in) and Fade out (f-out)
  • Added - Brush Effects Envelope - Seed (random for the length of the stroke)
  • Added - Brush Effects Envelope - Combo (Similar to flat but treats freq as tens and amount as ones)
  • Added - Brush Effects Envelopes - dab x and dab y.  
  • Added - Wild Brush Sampler 8 (60 more selected random brushes)
  • Improved - Eliminate draw-in on start-up
  • Improved - Performance for small brushes that have brush effects duplicators (matrix, row, etc.)
  • Improved - Tapping the mouse button or pen now results in drawing on the page. (previous required mouse/pen movement)
  • Changed - Name to TwistedBrush from Pixarra Sketchbook
  • Changed - Handling of dynamic colors in brush effects (may result in a small number of presets acting differently)
  • Fixed - The "Exit" menu was not properly saving images and presets.
  • Fixed - Don't allow the Mask effect on randomly generated brushes.
  • Fixed - Rare case where brushes would stop applying the required bristle randomness


Continued Improvements

  • Added - Luminance color selector integrated into the main color selection tools
  • Added - ArtSet row span generation.  
  • Added - Stylize filter "Frosted Glass"
  • Added - A Tool bar for accessing tools assigned to the right mouse button.
  • Added - Flood Fill tool
  • Improved - Added numeric values labels representing the sliders in all filter dialogs
  • Changed - Moved the Tools menu to the new Tools Bar
  • Fixed - Wave and Zig Zag Filter have reversed left to right and top to bottom labels
  • Fixed - The Watercolor filter fixed and renamed to Watercolor Tint, move the the Color category.
  • Fixed - The range of values in filters (sliders) was 10 percent too narrow.
  • Fixed - Zoom error when only one axis has a scroll bar image could be shifted off the paper.



  • Added - Link to the Pixarra Sketchbook Online Tutorials in the Help menu
  • Added - Link to the Pixarra Sketchbook Online Forum in the Help menu
  • Added - Blur filter "Motion Blur" (linear)
  • Added - Blur filter "Radial Blur"
  • Added - Blur filter "Zoom Blur"
  • Improved - Significantly increased the maximum radius for the gaussian blur filter
  • Fixed - Undo not working with straight line tool
  • Fixed - The direct zoom commands under the View menu were not working properly  



  • Added - Artistic filter "Oil Paint"
  • Added - Artistic filter "Stipple"
  • Added - Artistic filter "Watercolor"
  • Added - Blur filter "Blur"
  • Added - Blur filter "Blur More"
  • Added - Blur filter "Gaussian Blur"
  • Added - Brightness and Contrast filter "Brightness and Contrast"
  • Added - Brightness and Contrast filter "Brightness Histogram Equalize"
  • Added - Brightness and Contrast filter "Brightness Histogram Stretch"
  • Added - Brightness and Contrast filter "Brightness Histogram Stretch HSL"
  • Added - Brightness and Contrast filter "Gamma"
  • Added - Brightness and Contrast filter "Histogram Equalize"
  • Added - Brightness and Contrast filter "Histogram Stretch"
  • Added - Color filter "Duotone"
  • Added - Color filter "Grayscale"
  • Added - Color filter "Negative"
  • Added - Color filter "Posterize"
  • Added - Color filter "Solarize"
  • Added - Color filter "Threshold"
  • Added - Color filter "Tint"
  • Added - Distort filter "Elliptical"
  • Added - Distort filter "Lens"
  • Added - Distort filter "Marble"
  • Added - Distort filter "Offset"
  • Added - Distort filter "Pinch"
  • Added - Distort filter "Ripple"
  • Added - Distort filter "Spin"
  • Added - Distort filter "Spin Wave"
  • Added - Distort filter "Wave"
  • Added - Distort filter "Wow"
  • Added - Distort filter "Zig Zag"
  • Added - Noise filter "Despeckle"
  • Added - Noise filter "Dust and Scratches"
  • Added - Noise filter "Add Gaussian Noise"
  • Added - Noise filter "Add Negative Exponential Noise"
  • Added - Noise filter "Add Rayleigh Noise"
  • Added - Noise filter "Add Uniform Noise"
  • Added - Pixelate filter "Halftone"
  • Added - Pixelate filter "Mosaic"
  • Added - Render filter "Color Noise"
  • Added - Render filter "Hugo Noise"
  • Added - Render filter "Perlin Noise"
  • Added - Sharpen filter "Sharpen"
  • Added - Sharpen filter "Sharpen More"
  • Added - Sharpen filter "Unsharp Mask"
  • Added - Stylize filter "Bevel"
  • Added - Stylize filter "Crackle"
  • Added - Stylize filter "Emboss"
  • Added - Stylize filter "Fingerprint"
  • Added - Stylize filter "Gausy"
  • Added - Stylize filter "Scribble"


Tracing feature, imaging resize and zooming refinements

  • Added - Image resizing, with bilinear, bicubic, lanczos3 and B-Spline choices
  • Added - Image horizontal flip
  • Added - Image vertical flip
  • Added - Image rotate right
  • Added - Image rotate left
  • Added - Tracing feature.  Found under the "Page" menu.
  • Added - Additional blenders added.  "Basic blend soft", "Water blend" and "Water blend soft"
  • Improved - When zooming in and out preserve the scroll location.
  • Improved - When changing pages preserve the scroll location if the page size didn't change.
  • Improved - Minor performance enhancements in the brush engine.
  • Improved - The "Blend cloth" and "Blend Water" presets of the Graphite Art Set.


Stroke smoothing and important fix related to art sets and stylus support

  • Added - Stroking smoothing support.  Found under the "Control" menu.  
  • Improved - Do not show the "stylus" check boxes when there is no tablet present.
  • Improved - Automatically enable Mask mode when drawing with a masking tool.
  • Fixed - Checking the "stylus" check box when a tablet isn't present can result in strokes not being visible.
  • Fixed - At scale factor of 600 percent cursor could leave behind some artifacts.
  • Fixed - Selecting an Art Set entry at times was inaccurate due to mouse moving after clicking.   


Masks, color pencil art set and performance

  • Added - Mask support (phase one, selection functionality will come later).
  • Added - Update preset with current settings.  Avoids preset label dialog - keeps the same name.  Hold "Shift" key and click on preset dot.
  • Added - Increased number of simultaneously loaded art sets from 6 to 8.
  • Added - A number of "Covers" brush base types.
  • Added - Colored Pencil art set.
  • Added - Mask Kit art set.
  • Added - Masking presets to the Graphite Art Set.
  • Improved - Performance enhanced by fixing a brush dab double strike error.  Fix can have the side effect of some scripts or presets drawing lighter.
  • Improved - Performance enhanced by fixing a bug where the art set name was being reprinted frequently.
  • Improved - Performance enhanced by changing when rendering to the screen takes place to a more controled system.
  • Improved - Set Graphite Art Set alternate colors.
  • Changed - Only clear brush effects when a brush category or variation is selected if the brush effects panel is hidden.
  • Fixed - Case where UnDo was not working properly.
  • Fixed - Crash when resizing the main application window too small.


Paper texture and Graphite Art Set

  • Added - Paper and canvas texture feature added.
  • Added - Graphite Drawing Set (ArtSet, previously known as presets)
  • Added - "Exit" script button on message dialogs the appear during script playback.
  • Added - Script pause and resume menu items available during script playback.
  • Added - Blending modes brush effects.  For example multiply, dodge, burn, additive, etc.
  • Added - Ability name an ArtSet (previously called preset)
  • Added - Color selection dialog - allows fine control color selection using standard dialog - right click on any of the 4 color boxes shows the dialog.
  • Added - Soft graphite pencil tool.
  • Added - Opacity and density - mul and div brush effects.
  • Added - Blend strength and blend color strength brush effects.
  • Added - Include all available artsets in primary download.
  • Improved - Keep the default 6 artsets hidden when selecting an artset to import.
  • Changed - Changed text of Preset buttons from "Bank" to "Set".
  • Changed - Preset terminology changed to ArtSet.
  • Changed - Clear brush effects when a brush category or brush variation is selected.
  • Changed - File names of Brush samplers from Preset_sample_?? to WildBrushSampler?.
  • Fixed - Another edge of page color problem.  Blended paint not applying properly in top or left edges. Introduced in 2.50.
  • Fixed - At 500 percent scaled view a single pixel cursor was leaving behind artifacts.


Script recording and playback

  • Added - Record and playback functionality.
  • Added - Color picker - select color from canvas with right mouse button.
  • Added - Tool menu for assigning actions to the right mouse button.
  • Added - Line tool to the tool menu. Now can draw straight lines with right click or shift click.
  • Improved - Significant improvements for very small brushes (1 - 4 pixels) not drawing.
  • Improved - Show the brush cursor slightly larger than actual brush size (1 pixel).
  • Improved - Prevent the brush cursor from becoming too small.
  • Improved - Support the close dialog "X" for page resize and preset label dialogs.
  • Fixed - The first brush stroke could not be undone when the canvas size was changed.
  • Fixed - If brush stroke still drawing and another is started or tool area is clicked an extra line would be drawn.
  • Fixed - Edge of paper could result in wrong color with brushes that blend or copy.


Performance improvements and dynamic brush size

  • Added - Dynamic brush sizing, with pen pressure and brush effects.
  • Added - Intra-effect envelopes for fan, wave, pulse, saw1, saw2, stp u, stp d, and peak.
  • Added - Radial brush effect.
  • Added - Checker, horizontal slat, and vertical slat brush effect envelopes.
  • Improved - Performance of dynamic alpha blending. Improved performance anytime opacity isn't at 100%.
  • Fixed - An in-frequent crash case has been fixed, related to some brush effects.
  • Fixed - A case where all drawing was disabled until the program was restarted.
  • Fixed - A minor fix to the airbrush tools.


Bug fixes, UI improvements and minor additions

  • Added - Menu bar for frequently used commands.
  • Added - Textual labels for presets.
  • Added - Distance, distance X and distance Y brush effect envolope.
  • Added - Angle brush effect envolope.
  • Added - Support straight line drawing (hold shift key and click to draw straight line for last position).
  • Added - Command line option to start program without tablet support (-NoTablet).
  • Added - A series of spray brush effects.
  • Improved - Speed of random brush generation
  • Inproved - The selection of random brush to avoid brushes that are too slow.
  • Changed - Move the page and book navigation to the menu and menu bar.
  • Changed - Hide the effects panel by default.
  • Fixed - Cut (Cut/Copy/Paste) functionality was broken.
  • Fixed - Issues related to starting directory being changed. Impacted, about screen, paste and presets.
  • Fixed - Glow brush effect was not working correctly with stamper type brushes.
  • Fixed - When zoomed in extra placement of stroke could occur if moving the cursor slowly.
  • Fixed - Auto-presets wasn't detecting changes in effects or the main brush selection.


Drawing Effects!!!

  • Added - Complete drawing effects system!!!
  • Added - Full copy stamper tool
  • Added - The drawing tool category "Basic"
  • Added - Hold current brush - don't clear/clean brush at the start of new stroke
  • Added - Four selectable colors, used primarily with effects
  • Changed - Made acrylic paint bristles less messy
  • Changed - Moved the quick color chooser above the color sliders
  • Changed - Reduced the number of presets per bank from 132 to 60.
  • Changed - Resized and changed splash screen.
  • Changed - Renamed the tutorial to Quick Start and updated to reflect new features.
  • Fixed - A case where the tablet pressure could start a stroke at full when it shouldn't
  • Fixed - A case of an exception error on exit


Important new features, enhancements and fixes

  • Added - Support for varible size images.
  • Added - Zoom-in and zoom-out features.
  • Added - Scrollable canvas.
  • Added - Basic printing support.  
  • Added - Multiple levels of undo
  • Added - Redo functionality
  • Added - Menu and hot key control for Opacity.
  • Added - Small adjustment (shift) for size, density and opacity hot keys.
  • Added - Small adjustment (shift - click) for tools bars (size, density, opacity and color)
  • Added = Gel Pen tool (soft edge pen)
  • Improved - Some reduction in memory usage (for existing features, multiple undos use more memory).
  • Improved - Further clean-up to dialog box drawing - less draw-in.
  • Improved - Allow density and opacity hot keys while drawing a stroke
  • Changed - Moved the "Clear Page" and "Clear Page to Current Color" to the Page menu
  • Changed - Hot keys for density and size
  • Fixed - Watercolor - wet on wet tool not properly being activated.
  • Fixed - The keyboard shortcut to adjust size could result in garbled drawing of tools.


Minor bug fix release

  • Added - New tool, Artist | Sketched.
  • Added - New variation on the impressionist and seurat tools.
  • Fixed - Crash with an unable to intialize audio driver message.
  • Fixed - Situation where the stroke path would jump at a right angle rather than smoothly curved.
  • Fixed - Do not attempt to load pre 2.0 Sketchbook environment files.
  • Fixed - Do not attempt to load pre 2.0 Sketchbook preset files.
  • Fixed - Do not import an image if cancel is selected on the file select dialog box.
  • Fixed - Removed incorrect text "LOCKED" on some acrylic tools.


Major Release

  • Added - Full 64 bit color precison for smooth blends
  • Added - Drawing tablet support - stylus pressure
  • Added - Opacity control (transparency)
  • Added - Watercolor tools
  • Added - Watercolor crayon tool
  • Added - Dynamic density and alpha control
  • Added - Stampler category of tools
  • Added - A number of oil paint tools
  • Enhanced - Complete rewrite of drawing engine
  • Enhanced - Much faster performance
  • Enhanced - Much smoother airbrush tools
  • Enhanced - Fine tuned almost all existing drawing tools
  • Changed - Pressure control now called density
  • Changed - User interface changed to represent current Windows color scheme
  • Fixed - Line artifact appearing on some drawing tools if size is reduced.
  • Fixed - Some drawing tools could draw outside of their selected size.


Enhancements and minor fixes

  • Added - Support for exporting and importing presets.
  • Added - 6 banks of presets selectable.  Previously only 1 bank exsisted.
  • Fixed - Drawing cursor not updating with keyboard shortcuts used to adjust size.
  • Fixed - Incorred text in menu for Clear Favorites, should be Clear Presets   


Bug fixes and enhancements

  • Added - JPEG and PNG export functionality added (previously supported only BMP)
  • Added - Import images - supported formats BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIF and TGA
  • Added - Cut, copy and paste functionality (at the page level)
  • Enhanced - Clean-up to dialog box drawing - less draw-in.
  • Fixed - Selecting undo when page first loaded results in blacked out image.
  • Fixed - A crash could occur with an invalid timer message when running the tutorial.
  • Fixed - Oil pencil was not laying down color, only copying color from the canvas.


First release




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